Kory Ballard

You can’t carry all the WEIGHT! Teamwork ...

Hey Peers,

I feel like it was just the kick-off of the year and here we are at Labor Day. That went fast. I hope you have a great season rolling and finish off this Fall strong.

I wanted to touch on the ongoing topic of hiring and retaining. I think it’s so crucial to figure out very early in your journey who you need on your Team, and once you get them, how you keep them. We can’t do this on our own. Well, we can, but you can’t grow, and you’ll find you have just a job and not a sustainable company. I’ll share a little of my story, and it starts with me and a mower at 14 years old, but as a few years passed, I quickly put great people around me. Will you recognize when you have difference makers on your Team and can you keep them? I was very fortunate to either get lucky, or maybe it was my drive and passion, that drew great people to get on board. It’s very simple, is everyone on your Team heading in the same direction? Now, what’s not simple is getting them all thinking, acting and believing in the same mission. Is your mission clear? At Perficut Site Management we still struggle with that today with just shy of 200 employees and over 20 million in annual revenue. It takes being very self-aware and open about your personal abilities, and aligning with a great group of people, that can carry out that message. The right partner, and or Team, can create magic. Will you let them think, will you get out of the way, will you let them run with their ideas? If you have the right people you should be very comfortable letting go at some point. We can all over think, over analyze, over manage and over complicate things into the depth of failure. I encourage you to look at how you manage, and are you being the kind of leader you yourself would follow into the trenches?

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support and following our story and mission here at Ballard Products. We are very excited about the launch of many new products this Fall and will keep trying to bring you great products to help your business be more efficient, safe and ultimately profitable. You can also find our One on One Business Consultation Service on our website if your struggling and serious about making some positive changes. It’s a no bullshit dive into what is going on in your company ideal for those in the growing stages under 5 million in annual revenue. You can see the link here with the questionnaire to get started on the path to a better future.

Thank you,

Kory Ballard

President / Ballard Inc.
Founder / Perficut Site Management