What image are you putting out there?


I wanted to touch base this week on your image … How are you perceived by the public? If you don’t care then stop reading and please don’t send me any hate mail!!

Do you keep your trucks, trailers and equipment clean? One strategy for doing this whether you are big or small is to hire a part time wash guy … this could be a retired person, student or just someone wanting to pick up some extra hours. I strongly suggest that you keep your production staff separated from these duties and keep their hours strictly to production and billable hours as much as possible. You’ll end up creating downtime OT when you don’t need to and you can get someone at a much lower wage to do the cleaning. I hear your trucks are all new and so clean, the reality is they are not all new, not even close, but even the old ones look decent and that from a distance creates a positive reflection on our business. I know you’ll see that your staff will take more pride in the equipment if they know you care and they start with clean, safe equipment daily. I promise you it will offset an inexpensive wash guy and you’ll create more pride in the work they perform daily. It’s a culture, a belief and passion.

I also encourage that you take this same approach to the inside of the vehicle. Is trash falling out when they stop? This also relates to uniforms … they should be clean and professional and ideally the Foreman on the site identifiable.

Are you allowing smoking in your trucks on your sites? This is not a clean, professional business practice. All the smokers can cuss me. You do what you want, but that doesn’t mean you want your staff puffing away as they stand on a client’s property … then to so casually flick the butt on the ground. I’d lose my mind!

I also think about how they are acting in public, on or off the clock. Are they at a fast food joint whistling at girls in line while your customer or maybe potential future customer is standing just feet away? Off work at a kids ballgame or the grocery store are they wearing your company attire and are they representing you the way you would be proud of? When asked about where they work how would they answer? We hope that our team takes pride in wearing our company ball cap / gear and when asked they are proud to say YES I work for a great company. This starts with you as the owner creating that culture.

Peers, make no mistake we are not perfect in any of these areas … But we work on them DAILY. I’m not trying to sell you more accessories, (but they are the best) 🙂 only to hopefully add value and perspective to the way you run your business. Some people create a job why others create a business, which one do you want?

A good reputation is often more valuable than money.


Kory Ballard – President