What are you waiting for? The time is NOW!

Hey guys and gals, here we are kicking off another Spring. I hope all of you had a profitable winter, or a relaxing one if nothing else! I wanted to thank you guys for the continued support! We have now blasted well past 10,000 followers on Facebook and 3000+ on Instagram in less than a month there. We’ve had a record start to the year and it’s thanks to all of our supporters! It seems we sell most of our products to the smaller companies in the industry. These great companies are the backbone of our economy and what makes America so awesome. The reoccurring theme when I talk to you guys is about your people. Where do I find them, how do I keep them and how do I train them? I get a lot of, “What is wrong with people these days!?” and, “The f@*#ing kids these days!” From what I know, you will only get out of them what you put in. The truth is people haven’t changed, they still generally need the same basic things in life and work. But society has changed. Everything is easy, digital and soft. With everyone getting a trophy for just showing up, it’s hard to see how that separates the real leaders. Well I can tell you this, that’s all the more reason you should be grinding hard, working on your business and in your business. The great ones don’t make excuses or play the victim, they make things happen. Get up before your competition, do things that they won’t, and don’t talk about action, take action! As your industry peer, we are always taking big steps to improve our culture and taking an honest look in the mirror figuring out what WE can do each day to make an impact. I really encourage you to work on living life positive and treating everyone with the respect they deserve. Try it…. what do you have to lose?

Each year we continue to seek out new and innovative products that can really make your business and life better. Be sure to check us out at www.ballard-inc.com or on Facebook or Instagram. We’ve got some more “top secret” items in the works now!

I’ll leave you with this quote I found and recently used at a team building event.

“If you could get everyone in your company moving in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time!”


Kory Ballard – President


Ballard Inc.