Whew…that went fast…. 2018 is just about in the books! We wanted to thank you all for an awesome
year. We exceed our sales expectations, but more importantly our interaction in your lives and the
industry has been amazing. The feedback and support has been absolutely insane!
We hope you also had a great year! Of course, we all want to reap some financial rewards for our hard
work, but more than that, I hope we all grew this year. And by grew, I mean personally and
professionally. We all get chances to teach, build, coach, mentor, etc. But the true gift is listening and
giving ourselves the chance to be trained, coached and continue to learn no matter where we are on our
journey. I know for me this year has been one I’ll look back as being very pivotal in my reengagement in
my companies. I’m refocused, reenergized and excited about the future!
I hope that you all take some time to reflect on the good, bad and the ugly. What did you learn? How
will you attack that same problem this upcoming year? What will YOU do to make yourself and your
team better? Where do you want to be and why? Have those conversations with people you trust and
write down your mission.
I have attached a link to the Mantra video we created for our landscape company from a few years ago.
It’s 100% still spot on with our mission and gives me goosebumps each time and every time I watch it.
What is your story and how are you and your team telling it? Go get it in 2019!

Click here to be inspired: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHB5OvXfCRk&feature=youtu.be


Kory Ballard