Mindy Charron, Master Arborist

Topic Employees

Group, as a fellow landscaper I’d like to touch on a topic that I see on here and talk with many of you about on a regular basis. I also own Perficut Companies, Perficut is ranked in the top 100 Nationally and has almost 200 employees. I started this company from scratch so I know I have been where most of you are or have been. Visit www.perficut.com to see more.

I hear “how do I get people” “how do I get good people?” But as I talk with many of you and read your reaction to many of our accessories we sell you are constantly badmouthing your employees. The dipsticks, dummies, idiots, crackheads, etc. “My guys aren’t smart enough to run this”….. its all the same. Always followed by I can’t grow!!? So I challenge you to think differently. We don’t call our people names. I’ve never looked at it that way. We look at them and wonder how do we help them? Can we train better? Can we hire better? Can we lead them and mentor them into a better employee and maybe a better person. They are a direct reflection of you and your company. You may be surprised of the outcome if you change the way you treat them in the performance they give back in return. I encourage you the think differently or continue battling the “dipsticks” on a daily basis. If I’m wrong then you’ll just be right back where you are today.

Your number one asset is your people, everything else can be bought.


Kory Ballard – President