The WORK behind the WORK!

Whew … we made it! The snow is finally gone and I think everyone is finally kicking off their Spring services. You guys out East made it through five nor’easters last month!

As we kick off the month of April I’d like to think about the people behind the people. The work behind the work. As business owners, we are always thinking about our business. There is no shut off in the grind. Working hard, selling more, doing more, buying more, saving more, making more, hiring more, etc. No matter how big or small your operation is, there is likely someone, or a team of special someone’s, that are making your dreams come to fruition. I encourage you to thank that person, or persons, and find small ways to make them feel like they are a part of the team. Although we sometimes think we are doing the hard part, it takes a different skill set and tolerance to do the backend work as well, and these are the tasks most of you don’t enjoy!

We had a record 500 orders and 775 products shipped in March! I know that my role is the easy and fun part; sell stuff, talk to customers and promote. But on the back end, my wife Lindsay is working all hours of the night and weekends to keep up with what was only once just a “hobby” business. So, this is a thanks to her! I’ll probably tell her in person as well. Thanks to your continued support, we have completely changed the Ballard business model and are excited about the future. We will be adding
several new products in our new Outdoor LifeGEAR section in the next week or two! So yes, you’ll get to see my awful acting skills over and over.

So as spring kicks off, we should thank all of the great support people that let us insane people go out and chase our dreams! Hope you all have a kick ass season and be safe out there!

“A business, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it”


Kory Ballard – President



Ballard Inc.