“I purchased the Super Jack. This product has revolutionized my blade changing regiment. At 6′ 8″, 340 lbs, I have a tough time getting under the deck for maintenance. The Super Jack makes such a difference.”

– Edward B. Harry III, Oklahoma City, OK



“I bought some equipment from Ballard and will say I am very satisfied. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy.”

– Kenny Pikulski



“I purchased the Super Jack direct from you at the show last year. I love it!”

– Greg Hazeltine



“We have purchased and installed on our trailers the EZ Gate lift assistant …They are by far one of the best investments that I’ve made…”



“I’ve been using my EZ Gate for about one month now and I don’t know how I did it before. My gate is about 200 lbs. and now my 6 year old can lift it. I have more energy and do not dread putting the gate down. Thanks for doing the research and testing.”



“I just installed the EZ Gate lift system on my new trailer and I was quite amazed to say the least. It makes the gate go up so easy I can lift it with 2 fingers. This should make the day go faster this year as back wont be so strained from lifting it , it was worth every penny I paid for it and now I am showing my friends who own their own lawn care companies hope they will buy one from you too. Thanks again.”

– Chuck Bow, Owner of Turfmaster Lawncare, Albany, IN



“It’s a wonderful product and my son’s backs should last a few more years thanks to your design. They are working hard building their business and take a lot of pride in their work. Put me down as a very satisfied customer!”

– Jeff Boggs, Eastern Sales Manager of Pro Sound News



“Thanks Kory for the EZ Gate. Received it on 6-22-01. It is great. For any of you guys that haven’t purchased one yet, I strongly suggest that you do. It eliminates the heavy gates killing your backs.”

– Shelton’s Lawn Service Inc, Colonial Heights, VA



“I just purchased the EZ Gate for my lawn care business. I cut about 8 yards a day and it has already been a backsaver. I could not believe it was so easy to install and works so well. Wish I would have found out about it a long time ago! Thanks.

– Dennis Adams, South Carolina



“I love my EZ Gate, it works great!”

– Jim Mook, MTS, Denver, CO



“My guys love the EZ Gate lifting system. It is really a backsaver. I couldn’t believe it would be so easy to install and work so well. It’s built to last.”

– Paul Rapoza, Rapoza Landscape and Lawn Care, East Falmouth, MA



“I have the EZ Gate “S-Series”. I got it at the Expo 2000 last summer. In my opinion, it’s the best thing I’ve bought since I’ve been in business.”

– Bob Armentrout, Endless Summer Lawncare, Portsmouth, VA



“We installed the EZ Gate on our trailers and not only were they easy to install but worked better than I expected. My employees thought I was nuts when they saw me putting these things on my trailers until they understood what they were and how awesome they worked. They are by far one of the best improvements I have made. Thank you Ez Gate!”

– Stacey Werner, Tryon Creek Landscape, Inc., Tigard, OR



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