Spring Kick Off – Are you ready for your best season yet!?


As I have heard in conversations with some of you and through many groups on social media, this may have been the toughest winter yet. Lack of snowfall continues to be a major contributor to that. I know in our region we may be at a 40 year low with some of the season yet to play out. Hopefully a winter like this forces you to think a little different moving forward.

Is snow your only source of revenue? Should you look at a different pricing structure to guarantee some seasonal snow revenue? Or for those that don’t do snow is there a savings plan in place to use the winter as a refocus time. And for those lucky enough to not be in the snow regions … we’re jealous!

I always try to give some history on us so you know that we have been there. I started with a lawn mower and a dream. And as we grew and set goals, I partnered with some great people to surround myself with. I knew my limits and strengths and was lucky to find a great business partner to join me on this challenging journey. Recognize talent when it slaps you in the face. We now have a staff of close to 200 and 3 offices in the Midwest. I don’t tell you this to brag or boast, at times I wonder if running a smaller firm would have been the better fit for me? Truth is we all have challenges and they just may magnify some with size.

Set your goals, layout the path and go for it.

Now … let’s talk about Spring. I see that most of you guys are really into your equipment. And guess what, so am I! I’m here to help! Use that winter to service, paint and prep equipment for spring. I’m a huge proponent of good looking professional equipment. Now that doesn’t mean new equipment. But well maintained, clean and in good working order. I’m also always looking at better more efficient ways to set up our trucks and trailers with the safest and best tools. I encourage you to look at our line of products. Every product on here is used in our operation daily. I don’t sell a single thing we don’t use.

Now before I get the emails and comments about you can build that yourself … I agree, well in some cases. Some of you are very handy and can fabricate some of these items yourself and save money. Have at it! For those that can’t I encourage you to see if these products make sense for your business. I’ve tried many of the others in the market and determined these to be the best value based on how they are designed, constructed and years on the market. None of us want to be product guinea pigs.

I hope you guys all make 2017 great and kick some ass! And remember to take care of your team and they will take care of you. I’m always available to answer any questions you may have.

“What if we invest in our people and they leave us?” “What happens if we don’t and they stay?!” Author – Not me!


Kory Ballard – President