X-Blade Dual Blade Adapter (2 ½” wide blade – 1 1/8″ center hole)


Shipping: $10.00 – 15.00 US ($20.00 – 30.00 Canada)
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Advanced Chute Cover from Ballard Inc

PLEASE NOTE: This X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapters fit all 700 Series Kubota commercial mower blades that are 2 1/2″ wide and have a 1 1/8”″ center hole. Comes with the (3) adapter brackets, (3) bolts and (3) Kubota longer center spacers, (3) washers required to set up your mower correctly.


Razor and Ripper Mower Blades from Balllard Inc

* Blades NOT included

*High Lift Blades NOT Recommended*
*NOT Recommended for 72″ Mowers*


Triple Kit 700 Series ONLY (3 adapters – 1 mower)(XBKUB-1): $74.99
Shipping ($10 US, $20 CA)

Triple Kit 700 Series ONLY (9 adapters – 3 mowers)(XBKUB-3): $219.99
Shipping ($15 US, $30 CA)

Kubota 700 Series Units w/ hardware required


Please VERIFY your blade size and center hole size BEFORE ordering
**No returns on used X-Blade Kits**

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The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kits were designed to turn your ordinary side discharge commercial mower into an extreme grass pulverizing machine. The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kits come in 7 options to fit most dual blade commercial mowers.



The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter holds your original blade and an additional mulching blade at a perfect 90 degree angle. Your original blade (lower) will give the clean height of cut and the mulching blade above, with multiple cutting edges, pulverizes the cut grass as it cycles through the deck chamber dramatically reducing grass clipping size.

With the use of the X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kit you can not only mulch but bag more efficiently as well. This kit allows you to bag the grass with more vacuum and grass packing than ever before, as well as side discharge with confidence.

Also, when using The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kit, you are ensuring a perfect balance to the machines blade spindles, which will not allow blade slippage, which can cause a blade to over torque and become nearly impossible to remove. We do recommend lowering the RPM’s when you engage and disengage the PTO clutch.

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Triple Kit 700 Series ONLY (3 adapters – 1 mower), Triple Kit 700 Series ONLY (9 adapters – 3 mowers)

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