X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter (2 ½” wide blade – 15/16″ center hole) – XBE


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(Exmark – Toro – Others)


Advanced Chute Cover from Ballard Inc

PLEASE NOTE: The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapters fit all standard commercial mower blades that are 2 1/2″ wide, 3/16″ thick and have a 15/16″ center hole allowing the “spline” to go through.
Will not work on Toro units with the factory blade attached LOCK plate in place.


Will not work on units with the hex head at the base of the spindle (see XBE-H) – please verify before ordering.

X-Blade HEXAGON Adapter (XBE-H) … for Exmark / Toro with Hexagon washer


Razor and Ripper Mower Blades from Ballard Inc

* Blades NOT included

*High Lift Blades NOT Recommended*
*NOT Recommended for 72″ Mowers*


Triple Kit (3 pack – 1 mower)(XBE-1): $34.99
Shipping ($8 US, $20 CA)

Triple Kit (9 pack – 3 mowers)(XBE-3): $97.99
Shipping ($10 US, $25 CA)

Triple Kit (15 pack – 5 mowers)(XBE-5): $155.99
Shipping ($10 US, $35 CA)

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The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kits were designed to turn your ordinary side discharge commercial mower into an extreme grass pulverizing machine. The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kits come in 7 options to fit most dual blade commercial mowers.



The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter holds your original blade and an additional mulching blade at a perfect 90 degree angle. Your original blade (lower) will give the clean height of cut and the mulching blade above, with multiple cutting edges, pulverizes the cut grass as it cycles through the deck chamber dramatically reducing grass clipping size.

With the use of the X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kit you can not only mulch but bag more efficiently as well. This kit allows you to bag the grass with more vacuum and grass packing than ever before, as well as side discharge with confidence.

Also, when using The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter Kit, you are ensuring a perfect balance to the machines blade spindles, which will not allow blade slippage, which can cause a blade to over torque and become nearly impossible to remove. We do recommend lowering the RPM’s when you engage and disengage the PTO clutch.

​The X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapters fit all standard commercial mower blades that are 2 1/2″ wide, 3/16″ thick and have a 15/16″ center hole.

Mower blades used with the X-Blade Dual Blade Adapters must be FLAT, COMMERCIAL MOWER BLADES (Not for use on homeowner mowers/zero turns, blades longer than 21″ or stamped-non flat blades). Recommended for mower deck sizes 32”-61” with blades 2 ½” wide, 15/16” center hole & 3/16” thick.

Pro Tip: add longer bolts to get more threads; grade 8, 2 1/2” long, 1/2” fine thread, Found Here or at any hardware store.

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Triple Kit (3 pack – 1 mower), Triple Kit (9 pack – 3 mowers), Triple Kit (15 pack – 5 mowers)

How do I know which kit I need for my mower?

Please measure your mower blade width and center hole diameter.

How many adapters do I need?

The same number of mower blades that your unit has.

Will they work on push mowers, tractors or residential mowing machines?

Not typically, unless you are running a blade size covered in our product details.

What are the benefits?

The X-Blades create smaller clippings, less double mowing, cleaner turf, better striping and are great for leaf mulching.

What blades should I be using?

We recommend a standard lift on bottom and mulching blade on top. Or two standards in regular cutting conditions. Two mulching blades work great in heavy leaves. Never use high lift blades, as they are heavy and create too much vacuum causing grass blow out.

Do the X-Blade kits come with the mower blades?

No. Blades can be purchased separately at your local dealer or on Amazon.

Will my blades stay sharp longer?

Not necessarily, but it really depends on the turf type and cutting conditions.

Are they hard on my mower?

No, although we do recommend lowering the RPM’s when engaging and disengaging the blades to help with clutch pressure. In four seasons on the market, we have seen no adverse effects on well-maintained machines and you could possibly reduce the overall hours on your machine by a reduction in double mowing. They hold the blades at a perfect 90 degree position keeping them balanced.

Do they require the mower to use more fuel?

Yes, depending on horsepower and turf conditions, we have seen up to 25% increase in fuel usage, but that is easily offset in the reduction of double mowing and time spent mowing .

Does it change the mowing height?

Yes. You will cut ¼” lower, so adjust your mowing deck up one setting.

Will they bend?

They will bend if the blades hit something hard or are grounded at high RPMs. They are meant to give under extreme pressure to prevent any additional more costly mower damages.

Is there a warranty?

No. These have been tested with thousands of hours on mowers and thousands of users throughout the United States.

Will they work on mowers with blade center holes different than specified here? Star center? Hex head?

The center hole size needs to be as specified in our product specs. There are only a few exceptions when the center hole is larger than the blade center hole and spindle bolt where they will automatically center up once stacked and the center bolt is put through.

How long have they been out?

Since 2014 with tens of thousands of sets sold.

Do I need a longer spindle bolt?

Only on a few brands, specifically Scag and Exmark. Scag you typically need to go from a 9 ½ long bolt to a 10” long bolt sold at any hardware store. Exmark has a link in the XBE product description. The John Deere 900 series X-blade kit comes with bolts and reducer spacers.

Will they work if I have a factory mulching deck?

Yes, but we recommend two standard blades.

Do I need an Advanced Chute or deck chute blocking plate?

No, but being able to control the clipping disbursement is a great feature on any machine.

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