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Work smarter – Not harder!


Umount Hitch Options from Ballard Inc

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The time savings is AMAZING! Yes, you can put 2-3 guys with backpacks, but those require labor and more equipment. Whether you’re doing leaf clean-ups or just looking for a faster and better way to blow off large properties, this is the best investment you can make and utilize your existing machine. When mounted to the front of nearly any commercial turf vehicle, zero turn mower or stand on unit this revolutionary leaf blower combines the versatility of a backpack blower with the performance of much larger and more expensive ride on units. At three times the productivity of a backpack unit, and twice that of a walk-behind unit, users are reporting a 25+% labor savings. With patented designs including a tool-less mounting system, remote operated nozzle, and a breakaway nozzle, the Umount Blower is the last word in debris clean up.


*Mower Mount sold separately

  • Work smarter – Not harder!
  • Proprietary tool-less mounting system – Simply install the mount and install/remove the blower in about 3 seconds
  • Up to 230mph wind speed
  • Up to 2300 cfm air volume
  • Multi Directional Nozzle Control
  • Magnetic Break Away Nozzle System
  • Remote Control Features – foot control for ZTR units and magnetic hand control for Standers
  • 210° Directional nozzle control
  • Throttle control
  • Engine stop switch
  • Storage Cart Included (trailer mounting system available later this year)
  • Can load the mower on a standard trailer with the blower mounted as long as the bottom of the blower nozzle height is set at the prescribed 4” from ground level
  • Unit performs best when bottom of nozzle is set at 4” from ground level
  • Nozzle has adjustable pitch control to tackle wet leaves and impacted grass
  • Additional adjustment is available by relocating the female mount (on the blower side) up and down
  • We have seen a productivity increase of as much as 30% over a backpack and walk behind blower
  • On average the blower is about 3 times more productive than a top of the line backpack unit
  • (factors are: CFM, Velocity, Rate of Travel)
  • The nozzle is made of crush resistant material with a magnetically mounted break-away system that prevents damage during loading, operation, and abuse situations
  • Unit weight is about 90lbs
  • Male/Female mounting system is lock tight and stronger than the grade 8 bolts used to mount the system
  • Blower carries the Kohler 3 year unlimited hour warranty. 1 Year limited warranty parts on the blower assembly
  • Blower is made in the USA using American steel!


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Umount Front Blower

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Foot Pedal (sit down machine), Hand Control (stand on machine)