RevolutionX Snow Pusher


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Rotate the blade from bottom to top for twice the useful life!


24” RevX Pusher: $89.99
Shipping ($10 US, $20 CA)

32” RevX Pusher: $99.99
Shipping ($10 US, $20 CA)

40” RevX Pusher: $109.99
Shipping ($10 US, $20 CA)


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RevolutionX Blades are 15.5” tall and designed so that when the bottom edge wears down, the blade can rotate, top to bottom for twice the useful life. Our shovels have the reputation for being extremely long lasting and durable AND now they will last TWICE as long! The RevolutionX Blade is designed to slice cleanly into deep snow. Its tall blade allows you to redistribute more snow and get the job done faster. The RevolutionX blade is made from nearly 1/4 inch High Density Polyethylene, the same material as kitchen cutting boards. When both edges are worn, RevolutionX Blades are replaceable.

Revolution X 24 Inch – 5.5 pounds
Revolution X 32 Inch – 6.25 pounds
Revolution X 40 Inch – 7 pounds

RevX Snow Pusher
  • The Super-Sized RevolutionX Blade is 15.5″ Tall
  • RevolutionX Blades Rotate!
  • Rotate the blade from bottom to top for twice the useful life
  • Wide blade means fewer passes. Save time!
  • DURABLE, not disposable; Expect years of service.
  • Made in the USA


Throw Bar

The Throw Bar is the best all-in-one solution; push with the strength of a U Handle and throw with more control than a single pole handle.
Whether you’re lifting the snow and tossing it 3-5 feet or hurling it 10-15 feet, the Throw Bar Handle is ideally positioned so you will not need to bend over to use it. You’ll have maximum control: the Throw Bar Handle rotates on 3 axis. It can be used either Left-Handed or Right-Handed.

Power U

The Power U is designed to improve efficiency while reducing discomfort, fatigue, and risk of injury.
Simply put, the Power U provides you with a little more handle length and the ergonomics provide a lot more comfort and power.

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24" RevX Pusher, 32" RevX Pusher, 40" RevX Pusher