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Pro Blaster from Ballard Inc

First of its kind low profile under deck power washer attachment!


Surface/Pro from Ballard Inc

Pro/Blaster: $259.99
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Pro/Blaster & Surface/Pro combo: $299.99
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Ballard Inc. has brought you the first of its kind low profile under deck power washer attachment. With an overall height of only 3.5”. It will work under almost any machine on the market. The ¼” quick coupler connects to any residential power washer trigger gun with a minimum psi of 1,000 up to 4,000. The frame is made out of 5052 aluminum. It’s equipped with a commercial grade Mosmatic Pro swivel/spray bar assembly and 2 – 1/8” interchangeable 5° nozzles. Built to last and blast away dirt, grime, grass and debris. Works great on mowers, tractors, ATV, UTV, race cars, automotive and any application where you need to get under to clean effectively. Great for removing salt off snow removal equipment as well.


  • Pro/Blaster hooks to any pressure washer with the ¼” quick coupler gun in seconds keeping you standing upright with the included curved extension wand
  • ⅛” MEG nozzle
    •   5° angle
    •   Evan edge fan type spray pattern
    •   300 – 4,000 psi range
    •   Stainless steel body
  • Works on pressure washers from a minimum of 1000 PSI to max 4000 PSI
  • Works with both hot and cold water applications
  • Aluminum body will not rust
  • HDPE poly slide plate on the bottom is durable and allows easy movement on all surfaces
  • Commercial grade 90° Mosmatic Pro Swivel
    • 1,000 max rpm
    • 90°F (at 1,000 rpm), 250°F (at 30 rpm)
    • Brass, nickel plated body
    • Stainless steel inner parts
    • Sealed NBR O-ring
    • 2x radial ball bearings, 1x thrust ball bearing
    • Throughput: pH 3-12
    • Filtered 10 microns
    • High speed triple bearing system
    • Corrosion resistant
    • High quality and precision
    • Maintenance free
  • Custom 14” Brass, nickel plated spray bar
  • 6 Month warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • US Patent Pending 63/171,188

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Pro/Blaster, Pro/Blaster and Surface/Pro (combo)