Power Locker


Shipping: $25.00 – $35.00 US ($50 – $70 Canada)
Additional charges for shipping will apply for Hawaii, Alaska and International. Please contact us for details.

Power Locker 200: $189.99
Shipping ($25 US, $50 CA)

Power Locker 300: $219.99
Shipping ($30 US, $60 CA)

Power Locker 350: $239.99
Shipping ($35 US, $70 CA)

* See details of each model below.

Each kit also comes with all hardware needed and a rear tire strap and d-rings for a secondary point if desired.

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Power Lockers are the only all-in-one system that meets all State and Federal laws in one box. The PL-300 fits larger stand-on mowers, most all zero turn mowers, Sprayers and fertilizer units with a tire diameter of 12 – 16 inches. NO modifications needed to fit L.T. Rich Z-Sprayers and other products. The new design now has a heavier duty front bracket and ready for use of any light utility equipment of less than 1200 lbs per Power Locker.


Hauling something other than your mower or sprayer? Mulch, fertilizer bags or hauling more than one mower in tandem? Pull one spring pin and the Power Lockers Come out of their mounting brackets in one second! The only permanent bracket mower in place.

All Power Lockers are also interchangeable! The front and rear mounting brackets width fits all Power Lockers from the smallest PL-200 to the PL-350 for your side by side. Extra brackets are also available to use your Power Lockers on different trailers.

Power Locker 200

Small – Fits 7″-10″ size tires – 5 1/8″ wide.

For Walk Behinds, Bed Edgers and Push Blower. Only one Power Locker is necessary per piece of equipment up to 1,500 lbs in weight. Product will not work with front castors that include suspension links.

Power Locker 300

Medium – Fits 10.5″-16″ size tires – 7 1/8″ wide.

For larger Standers, most LT Rich product, most ZTR’s, trenchers, some sprayers and push blowers. Only one Power Locker is necessary per piece of equipment up to 1,500 lbs in weight.

This is the model that works for L.T. Rich Products. It will not work with front castors w/ suspension links (Zero Turn mowers). Will not work with front deck Walker mowers.

(2) units may be required for Z Spray units due to weight

** Does NOT work on the new Gravely Pro with wider front caster wheels

Power Locker 350

Large – Fits 16″-20″ size tires – 11 1/8″ wide.

For certain sprayers, small ATV’s, golf carts, gators, utility vehicles, etc. Only one Power Locker is necessary per piece of equipment up to 1,500 lbs in weight.


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