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If you’re interested in growing, learning and elevating your company, I’d love to help you!

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Peers, … first off I want to thank you for letting me be a part of this great industry!

I want to start off by briefly telling you about my journey. I started like many of you at an early age … 14 years old … with a push mower and a moped knocking on doors. From there I worked my way up to 1 truck, 2 trucks, and on up the ladder for 30 years in this profession to a Top 110 Company in the United States. We now are a 20 million dollar annual company with 3 locations and 200 team members.

Don’t let that make you think I’ve lost track of where we came from and the work it takes to get here. I was in the field last season mowing and still run snow equipment as needed in the winter. I’m a hands on guy. I’ve made all the mistakes and learned a lot along the way. But I’ve been a part of this growth every step of the way and I think I can bring you incredible value with some one on one time.

I come from a place of hard work, practicality and real advice and won’t sugar coat the plan of attack if you’re willing to listen and learn. I wish I would have had someone along the way to help us on our journey. You can’t do this on your own. It’s incredibly important to have the right people on your team and in your corner if you want to truly build a real BUSINESS and not just create a “job”.

I love our industry and want to help elevate it to the next level … one company at a time.



About The Sessions

  • One on One phone or Skype sessions being scheduled at your convenience (evenings & weekends available)
  • Each session is audio recorded and provided to you afterwards
  • Ongoing sessions available upon request
  • Feel free to have anyone crucial to your company on the call or video conference
  • Free Ballard hat & t-shirt of your choice sent with all sessions
  • Real advice – Real help – Real solutions – No Bullshit

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1 Hour 30 minute ($250), 3 Hour ($400), 10 Hour (selected at your choice) ($1000)