Mower Blades – 3 Pack (2.8.2450)


Shipping: $5.00 US ($10.00 Canada)
Additional charges for shipping will apply for Hawaii, Alaska and International. Please contact us for details.

Razor, Ripper and Hi-Rise Mower Blades from Ballard Inc

Blade Specifications
Length: 24 1/2”
Width: 2.5”
Center Hole: 5/8”
Thickness: .250”

Please VERIFY your blade length per our drawing and center hole size BEFORE ordering (SOME 72” machines are running longer blades)

**No returns on used blades**

How to Measure your Mower Blades

A. Measure Blade Length
B. Measure Blade Width
C. Measure the Center Hole


Blade Assist from Ballard Inc

Pro Scraper from Ballard Inc

Razor (standard) 3 Pack: $54.99
Shipping ($5 US, $10 CA)

Ripper (mulching) 3 Pack: $54.99
Shipping ($5 US, $10 CA)

Hi-Rise 3 Pack: $54.99
Shipping ($5 US, $10 CA)
OUT OF STOCK – Available Late Fall

Razor (standard) 3 Pack with X-Blade Adapters (3) combo: $81.99
Shipping ($5 US, $10 CA)

Ripper (mulching) 3 Pack with X-Blade Adapters (3) combo: $81.99
Shipping ($5 US, $10 CA)

The WorX - Razor and Ripper Mower Blades with X-Blade Adapters
THE WORX (3 Razor & 3 Ripper): $135.99
6 Blades with 3 X-Blade Adapters
Shipping ($5 US, $10 CA)



Ballard Products has brought you a line of new line of blades in both regular lift RAZOR and mulching design RIPPER blade made to exact OEM specifications for optimum performance. These hardened steel blades are tested at a Rockwell 45 rating for longer life and stay sharp technology. All blades are statically balanced and are coated with a silver non-stick powder coat finish. Will fit most commercial brands and sizes as seen in our fitment guide. All blades sizes we carry have a matching X-Blade kit as well.

  • Regular lift RAZOR blade and RIPPER mulching blades in multiple sizes for most commercial mowers
  • Longer cutting edge than most factory blades and others on the market
  • Rockwell rated 45 hardened steel for longer life and stay sharp technology
  • Statically balanced
  • Silver non-stick powder coat finish
  • Matches with all the available X-Blade kits
  • Value prices & free shipping


X-Blade Bobcat

Situation: It has been confirmed that the following Bobcat mower models, CRZ & XRZ, cannot use X-Blade adapters. Even though the blades are 2.5”W x 5/8 CH, the spindle design does not use a separate blade bolt. Instead, the spindle has a permanent threaded stud coming out of the spindle with a blade nut to secure the blade. This does not allow the option to lengthen the stud in order to accommodate the added blade and adapter to assure proper thread coverage to tighten the blade. Additionally, any mower that has the same spindle set up (with a permanent stud) cannot accommodate X-Blade adapters.

Bobcat Spindle


Additional information


Razor (3) Pack, Ripper (3) Pack, Hi-Rise (3) Pack, Razor (3) Pack with X-Blade Adapters (3) combo, Ripper (3) Pack with X-Blade Adapters (3) combo, THE WORX (3 Razor and 3 Ripper) – 6 Blades/ 3 X-Blade Adapters