Glo/Stake Snow Marker


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Ballard Glo/Stake
Pro/Stake Snow Marker
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Ballard is proud to bring you the first snow marking stake of this kind with UNMATCHED VISABILTY in our industry. With a galvanized steel tip, 48” high-vis fiberglass shaft and GLO top made out of hard poly injected with glowing technology. With just a few minutes of direct light created by your machines as they work back and forth the GLO top will hold a charge for 15-20 minutes making them easy to see under any conditions. Ideal for high priority spots on corners, entrances, handicap stalls, hydrants, islands, sidewalks, entry ways and anywhere where preventing damage is crucial. Virtually indestructible design will show your clients you are serious about protecting their property and save on costly repairs in the Spring.


  • Be the ENVY of your market with this revolutionary design
  • GLO top durable 48” snow marking stake
  • Holds GLO charge 15-20 minutes each time its hit with direct light (headlights)
  • GLO top is strong and can be pounded in with a mallet or other stake pounders
  • High-vis neon green color with reflective tape at the top for extra visibility
  • Galvanized steel pointed tip makes driving them in the ground easy
  • Reduce property damage and increase profits
  • Protect your equipment from damages due to poor visibility on sites
  • Show your clients that you go up and beyond to protect their properties
  • Mix and match on sites with our Pro/Stake Snow Marker
  • Patent pending

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