Foam Cannon – Mower Magic


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Foam Cannon - Mower Magic from Ballard Inc

Mower Magic – Degreaser and Degrasser - INSANE Cleaning Power

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Ballard has added a great way to apply your Mower Magic™ cleaning solutions or any other cleaner you want to use on your mowers, ATV, UTV, camper, boat, race car or anything you want to hit with a even coat of foaming cleaner. Multiple settings allow you to adjust the soap to 4 settings as well as a clean water option. Comes with multiple fittings to work on all hoses and other fitments.

  • Foaming Cannon holds 35oz of any cleaner
  • 4 soap volume settings and 1 clean water setting
  • Comes with multiple fittings to work with all hoses and other connections
  • Easy to use to put a solid film of cleaner on any mower, UTV, ATV, camper, boat, race car, auto and so much more!
  • Foaming tip turns any cleaner into a foam application
  • Quick connector for fast and easy use
  • Commercial grade design