First Aid / Fire Extinguisher Kit


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First Aid / Fire Combo Kit: $44.99
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Ballard has brought you the first of its kind, compact dual (88) piece first aid kit with an attached auto / mower / machinery fire extinguisher kit on the market. This handy kit could be a life saver in some many ways and each vehicle should have one. Really everyone should have one! Contains 88 first aid components specifically chosen for the outdoor professional related to incidents that can and do happen in the field. Better safe than sorry!


  • Handy, compact 88 piece complete First Aid kit with attached mini Fire Extinguisher
  • Product contained in organized interior compartments
  • 100% waterproof First Aid labeled camo carrying case with handle
  • Easy storage in all vehicles, trailers, ATV’s, campers, etc.
  • 676ml volume, 500g ABC Powder (EN615 standards) FlameFighter fire extinguisher locked in attached bracket w/ Velcro straps for easy quick removal (replacements sold)
  • A must have for all working in field, camping, hunting as well as those looking to be prepared for all unfortunate events
  • Dimensions with Fire Extinguisher 11.5”x high, 7.5” deep, 7” wide
  • Dimension First Aid kit only 9” high, 5” deep, 7” wide


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First Aid / Fire Combo Kit, First Aid / Fire Combo Kit (3 Pack), First Aid Kit, First Aid Kit (3 Pack), Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher (3 Pack)