Darwin’s Grip – Trimmer Handle


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Darwin’s Grip 5.0

  • Aluminum bar with reinforced stress points for commercial use
  • Softer silicone grip
  • Heavy duty vise with quick release lever for collapsible profile, great for trimmer racks
  • Truly ambidextrous by removing silicone grip and vise and switching to the other side

Darwin’s Grip® will attach to most brand trimmer in seconds!
More control + No fatigue = Faster mow times.
*Can be switched around for left handed operators.

Darwin 5.0 Vise and Grip

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3 Pack: $147.99
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5 Pack: $239.99
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Stand Tall Bro

If you use a trimmer more than 1 – 4 hours a day you know how a slight bend in your back can ruin your day.

Darwin’s Grip® will allow you to stand up straight to reduce fatigue and strains and offers precise trimming by getting you closer to the line.

Darwins Grip Comparison

Pro Tips:

  1. For trimmers with smaller diameter shafts, add a small piece of radiator hose or fuel line as a gap reducer to insure a tight fit and reduce vibration.
  2. Add Locktite to the screws in the bracket to insure they stay tight.

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Single, 3 Pack, 5 Pack

Will this work on my brand of trimmer?

Yes, it works on all commercial brands. On shafts that are more narrow, a piece of rubber radiator hose can be added to tighten the gap. This is only typically an issue on light duty trimmers.

Will this work if I am left handed?

Yes, you just flip the bracket and have the handle come off of the other side of the trimmer.

Can this be used on my Kombi unit?

Yes, it works great on the Kombi with all the attachments.

Can I still flip my trimmer and edger?

Yes, you can still grab on where it’s most comfortable. Some operators leave the unit a little loose which allows them to turn the handle as needed.

Does it add weight to my trimmer?

The unit weighs a little less than 3 pounds, but with the leverage it actually makes the trimmer feel much lighter and the weight of the trimmer is much more evenly distributed.

Is it only for tall guys that are typically hunched over?

No, because it’s adjustable on the shaft it works great for men and women of all heights.

Will it still work in my trimmer rack with the Darwin Grip attached to my trimmer?

Yes, it works in all trimmer racks.

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