Ballard ProPush 32″ – EZ Glide Replacement Edge


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This a Replacement Part for the Ballard ProPush 32


Looking for the NEW RevolutionX Snow Pusher?

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The Mantis Handle with Grab Bar allows you to both push and throw snow. This handle is manufactured from thick walled aluminum for extra strength and lighter weight. The ProPush Mantis handle includes a Grab Bar to lift and throw snow exactly where you want it to go.

Employ the versatility of a single pole handle with the strength of a “U” handle. A single pole design allows you to throw snow. While most single pole handles have one connection at the center of the blade, the Mantis handle has two connections, 20 inches apart. This connection design stabilizes the blade, is more durable and will not twist or break during regular use.

The ProPush Mantis Handle comes standard on the 32” and 42” models. With a Mantis handle, this unit is built to last and you can take advantage of Replacement Ez Glide edges. Replacement blades are available at a fraction of the price of a complete unit.

  • Includes a Grab Bar
  • Versatility of a single pole handle with the strength of a “U” handle
  • Ideal for right-handed or left-handed use
  • Down hand Grab Bar allows you to throw snow
  • Made in the USA / 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • DURABLE, not disposable; Expect years of service




Why is the PRO Line so effective in deep snow?

The PushPro is the only snow pusher designed AND capable of clearing deep snow. The PushPro’s EZ Glide Edge is over 1.5″ wide. This provides enough surface area to keep your PushPro from plunging deeper into the snow as it’s pushed forward. You can skim deep snow, removing it in horizontal layers. Clear as much as you can handle and come back and clear the rest.

How do I get my PushPro to clear deep snow in layers?

Drop your hands as you push forward. This positions the EZ Glide Edge at an upward angle like an airplane wing. As you move forward, this angle allows the blade to move forward and not drop deeper into the snow.

Why is the EZ Glide Edge so effective on uneven surfaces?

The EZ Glide Edge’s wide bottom edge allows you to glide over uneven surfaces without those bone jarring stops. The EZ Glide Edge is too wide to fall into concrete seams. When you clear snow from broken concrete, aggregate, pavers, gravel or stepping stones, simply lower your hands so you’re riding on the back edge of the EZ Glide Edge. This lifts the front of the EZ Glide Edge so it will not catch.

Will the EZ Glide Edge wear down?

Yes. You should expect 300-350 shoveling hours before needing to replace it. Of course, this depends on the surfaces you clear. More abrasive surfaces, like aggregate, will reduce the useful life of your EZ Glide Edge.

How does the EZ Glide Edge compare to snow shovels with wheels?

In very light snow falls they both are extremely effective. Where PushPro’s have the advantage is when the snow fall is over one inch deep. The EZ Glide Edge will not bog down in deep snow like wheels do. You can effectively clear random snow drifts without having to grab another snow shovel and you are not subject to a predetermined left or right angle. PushPro’s are designed so the blades can be angled either left or right so snow can cascade in the direction you want.



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Pro Edge 32 (Single) – Replacement Edge, Pro Edge 32 (3 Pack) – Replacement Edges, Pro Edge 32 (5 Pack) – Replacement Edges