Aero8tor Sulky Aerator


Shipping: $100 US ($250.00 Canada)
Additional charges for shipping will apply for Hawaii, Alaska and International. Please contact us for details.

Effortless Aeration

The Only Hybrid Sulky Lawn Aerator

Grow profits, increase production, expand your business

*Now includes AERO8TOR Mounting Hitch
*Works on walk behinds and stand on units with a flip up platform


One (1) Year Manufacturers Warranty against Defects and Unit Construction

Aero8tor Weight Kit

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We are proud to introduce the Aero8tor sulky/aerator attachment. A hybrid sulky aerator that is designed to attach to commercial walk behind mowers and most standard models.



Until today there was nothing that existed on the market to fulfill the needs of contractors looking for such a device that is affordable, durable enough to handle the rigors of daily professional use and operator friendly.

The Aero8tor is a new way of efficiently performing core aeration to turf areas while increasing production, reducing labor and maintenance costs.


Overall length: 53″
Overall Height: 17″
Overall Width: 35″
Height in Transport Mode: 19″
Aerator Working Width: 28″
Number of Tines: 28″
Operator Platform Size: 15”x18″
Operating Weight: 172 lbs
Overall Length Less Hitch: 36″
Ground Clearance Transport: 3.25″
Tire Size: 9″


What makes the Aerator so different?

The Aero8tor was developed by lawn care professionals who know the importance of productivity and cost control in a highly competitive market. For a small investment, your walk behind mower can harness yet another source of revenue for your company. You can now aerate at high speeds even around obstacles without wrestling a heavy, awkward, and expensive aerator. It’s heavy duty simple design keeps you on the job and out of the shop. Simply hook the Aero8tor up to your standard sulkey hitch and start making money today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many tines does the Aero8tor have?
The original Aero8tor was made with 20 tines, but we’ve upgraded to a now standard 28 tines.

How do you ship the Aero8tor?
We currently ship via motor freight. For an additional charge you can get residential lift gate service. We are feverishly working on ways to reduce the unit’s weight so we can ship UPS. Only about 10lbs to go!

What kind of hitch does the Aero8tor have?
The Aero8tor comes equipped with a standard 4″ wide hitch. It comes with two bushings to reduce it to a 2″. If you have specific hookup needs, call our manufacturer 800-984-8080 to discuss your options.

How deep of a plug can I expect with the Aero8tor?
The Aero8tor will generally produce a plug between 1-1/2 – 3″ long depending on your soil conditions.

I broke a tine on my machine, how can I get replacements?
Although tines are not covered under our 1 yr manufacturer warranty, we have plenty of replacement tines on hand and we can ship them to you quickly. We recommend ordering extra tines when you purchase your Aero8tor to prevent possible down time.

What kind of maintenance does the Aero8tor require?
You should grease fittings, and check for loose tines every 20 hours of use.

How wide is the Aero8tor, will it fit through a gate?
The Aero8tor is 35″ wide, if the gate is wide enough to accommodate your mower, the Aero8tor will make it through with ease.

NOTE: 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects and unit construction.