Advanced Chute Cover

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Protect people and property from flying debris, keep grass out of flower beds and driveways, reducing raking, blowing and re-mowing. Instantly turns your zero-turn mower into a mulching machine!

**Need Make, Model & Deck Size. This can be added to the notes when checking out. Orders will not be processed without this information.

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  • Save Time – reduce raking, blowing, and re-mowing
  • Save Money – Using fewer man hours and less fuel
  • Increase Safety – By protecting motorist, pedestrians, workers, and equipment from debris
  • Decrease Liability – By stopping costly debris from damaging windows, vehicles, and people

**Need Make, Model & Deck Size. This can be added to the notes when checking out. Orders will not be processed without this information.

* Drilling 3 holes is required for installation


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this fit my mower?
A: Yes, we have a fitment for almost every commercial brand with decks of 36” or larger.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $199.00  This is for all models.

Q: Is this a new product?
A: No, we started running them on all our mowers in 2007 and after great results became a retailer in 2008. We don’t own a mower without one.

Q: Yes, Dixie Chopper and a few other brands come with something similar.
A: No, it’s not as good. I’ve owned Dixie Chopper, but there is a good reason they are trying to replicate the concept.

Q: Will tall / wet grass clump up with the cover in the fully closed position?
A: Yes, it is made to control the clippings in areas where you need to minimize clippings and debris from reaching cars, buildings, windows, pools, landscape beds, traffic, etc. Also adding a safety value in areas where debris could be thrown recklessly.



Assembly Instructions


Installation without Spacers


Installation with Spacers




  1. Ballard Inc.

    Get yours today!

  2. James Jones

    Before I purchased this, I was going to buy a mulching kit from the dealer. I ran across this and decided to order. I am so glad I did. This is a great way to mulch when you want, and side discharge when you want. I have never seen anything like it. It’s so easy to install and use. It is very well-made and will last many years! Now I don’t have to worry about buying special blades and a kit that clogs the underside of my mower. This is way better than buying a mulching kit from manufacturer. This is the best place to purchase this too! Kory and his team are the greatest people you will ever deal with!

  3. rcan5859

    Great product!! Worth the money and works great! Saves time and money on raking leaves, all I can say is I should of bought it a long time ago! 5 star chute system!

  4. gomers4wheelers1

    The shipping was fast. The system keeps me from bagging leaves in the fall!! It took about 45 minutes from start to mowing. I put this on my SCAG Tiger Cat and love it. The only reason for a 4 star instead of 5 is because the first one I got had a manufacturing defect.. I contacted Bad Boy and they had a new one shipped out that day. New one went together like it was supposed to.

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