Advanced Chute Cover


Shipping: $15.00 US ($25.00 Canada)
Additional charges for shipping will apply for Hawaii, Alaska and International. Please contact us for details.

Protect people and property from flying debris, keep grass out of flower beds and driveways, reducing raking, blowing and re-mowing. Instantly turns your zero-turn mower into a mulching machine!

X-Blade Dual Mulching Blade Adapter

Standard Kit: $199.99
* Works on ZTR, Stander Units & Walk Behinds

Standard Kit with Extended Handle: $219.99
* Works on Stander Units & Walk Behinds




  • Save Time – reduce raking, blowing, and re-mowing
  • Save Money – Using fewer man hours and less fuel
  • Increase Safety – By protecting motorist, pedestrians, workers, and equipment from debris
  • Decrease Liability – By stopping costly debris from damaging windows, vehicles, and people

**Need Make, Model & Deck Size. This can be added to the notes when checking out. Orders will not be processed without this information.


* Drilling 3 holes is required for installation

** Scag, Ferris, Simplicity & Snapper units come with the galvanized steel attachment to close off the deck opening based on deck design

*** Does not work on Hustler Raptor or any machine with a curved / round chute opening

**** Will not work on 36” units without modifications to the blocking plate


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run a successful & professional mowing company without one?
Highly unlikely.

Will this fit my mower?
We have a fitment for almost every commercial brand with decks of 48” or larger. You will put in your mower information at checkout. Deck must have a squared off opening (not round Hustler Raptor, residential decks, etc.) and Scag, Simplicity & Ferris brand require a curved attachment to close off the deck opening. Included at no cost with the kits for these mowers. It will work on some 36” mowers but does require some trimming of the blocking plate.

Do I have to drill holes in my deck and does it void my warranty?
Yes, you will need to drill 3 holes to mount it on all mower brands. NO, it does not void your warranty. Many dealerships install these on new units at the time of sell.

Is this a new product?
No, we started running them on all our mowers in 2007 and after great results became a distributor in 2008. We don’t own a mower without one.

Do I need to run mulching blades?
No, but it does work great in the Spring & Fall when mowing through thick leaves. The ACS keeps the leaves under the deck giving them more time to be mulched.

Will tall / wet grass clump up with the cover in the fully closed position?
Yes, it can. It functions best in regular conditions and is made to control the clippings in areas where you need to minimize clippings and debris from reaching cars, buildings, windows, pools, landscape beds, traffic, etc. Also adding a safety value in areas where debris could be thrown recklessly.

What is the difference between the Advanced Chute and the other ones I have seen?
The Advanced Chute will last. Its built heavy duty with the commercial user in mind. With an all steel design it can take the abuse and still function as intended year after year.


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Standard Kit, Standard Kit with Extended Handle