Advanced Chute Cover


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Protect people and property from flying debris, keep grass out of flower beds and driveways, reducing raking, blowing and re-mowing. Instantly turns your zero-turn mower into a mulching machine!


Pulverize Grass

MB-TT bracket for Advanced Chute System from Ballard Inc

Standard Kit: $214.99
* Works on ZTR, Stander Units & Walk Behinds

Standard Kit with Extended Handle: $234.99
* Designed for Stand On units to get the handle closer to the operator

Extended Handle backordered – will ship the week of May 8th









  • Save Time – reduce raking, blowing, and re-mowing
  • Save Money – Using fewer man hours and less fuel
  • Increase Safety – By protecting motorist, pedestrians, workers, and equipment from debris
  • Decrease Liability – By stopping costly debris from damaging windows, vehicles, and people

**Need Make, Model & Deck Size. This can be added to the notes when checking out. Orders will not be processed without this information.


* Drilling 3 holes is required for installation

** Scag, Ferris, Simplicity, Snapper, Bobcat & Bradley units come with the galvanized steel attachment to close off the deck opening based on deck design

*** Does not work on Hustler Raptor or any machine with a curved / round chute opening

**** Will not work on 36” units without modifications to the blocking plate


Installation Videos




Additional information


Standard Kit, Standard Kit with Extended Handle

Will this work on my lawn tractor?

No, it does not work on lawn tractors. The Advanced Chute is designed for ZTR, walk behind and stand on units with the squared off chute opening.

Will it work on slightly curved deck openings?

Yes it works on mowers like Ferris, Scag, Simplicity, Snapper, Husqvarna and Bobcat that have a slightly curved deck opening. A curved attachment is provided for these mower brands.

Will it work on my 32”, 36” or 42” deck?

It will work on some 32”, 36” and 42” decks, but typically requires some modification of the blocking plate and this is 100% the buyer’s responsibility. In most cases the steel blocking plate is larger than the opening and requires trimming the steel plate shorter.

Do I have to drill holes in my mower deck?

Yes, it requires drilling 3 holes to mount the bracket correctly.

I can’t get this to fit on my mower (the tabs are in the way, the belt guards are in the way, nothing fits up). What am I doing wrong?

Please use the provided spacers to mount the bracket correctly (typically above the factory tabs and other deck components). Spacers are required on all decks except Bad Boy mower brand. Please see the install video on the Advanced Chute page on our website.

Will it leave grass windrow?

Yes, in tall grass if you close off the only escape route for the grass you can leave a grass line. It is intended for use around areas where the clipping disbursement needs to be controlled, such as around beds, mulch, rock, cars, property, etc. You still mow with it open most of the time.

Why are there holes in the blocking plate?

This allows the correct air-flow or the mower will drop all the clippings in the far right baffle leaving a mess under the mower. They are crucial in the functionality and don’t allow clippings through the air holes.

Do I need to use mulching blades?

No. Any blade set up will work depending on the conditions of the turf, turf type, mowing height, mowing speed, etc.

Can I reach the handle from the seat on a ZTR?

Most can reach comfortably from the seat without any issues.

When do I need the extended handle?

The extended handle is for stand on units and walk behinds when the operator wants the handle much closer to them. It is certainly not required.

How long do they last?

Most units are lasting several thousand hours depending on operator use and abuse. It is all steel construction designed for the commercial user.

Can I run a bagger with the ACS installed?

In some cases you can, depending on the brand of the catcher and how it mounts to the mower deck. The Ballard CatchPro Bagger works as well as some of the similar brand designs like Accelerator Baggers.

Does it work well with a factory mulching kit (mulching baffles)?

Yes, it still functions the same way working well as a control for clippings as needed.

Are there different settings, or is it open or closed?

It is typically all the way open or all the way closed, with the exception of the ULS model. This model is primarily for the 60” units and up which provides a cam lock that allows the operator to set it at ¼ open.

Can I get replacement parts?

Yes, we have replacement parts available on the website.

Can it be used with the X-Blades?

Yes, this is a great combination for regular and mulching conditions. See: X-Blades

Why is it made by Bad Boy?

Ballard has been teamed up with Bad Boy since 2008 and we are the national distributor for this product with 5000+ units sold annually.

How do I know I will get the right unit for my mower?

There is a mower detail section at checkout requiring mower deck size, model and brand.

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