Hey friends,

It’s July, it’s hot, and we love our country! It’s a great month to celebrate and recognize our great country and the freedom we have. Hopefully, even in the bad days, you remember how lucky we are to be American and live in the greatest country on earth. I wanted to touch base on our products as we continue to see our government push for fair trade agreements, tariffs and get more politics involved! Maybe you pay attention, maybe you don’t. Can you imagine how hard it is for them to get anything done?

As our loyal customers know, we have had many of our best sellers on backorder throughout the Spring and early Summer. Most are due to crazy sales volume that I don’t think anyone expected, and I think we will be much better prepared for the months ahead. The power of social media has been a tremendous tool to share these items with you. We had 1.2 million views in a 7 day period during one of our craziest weeks this year!

Let’s talk about where we produce some of these products and why. Here at Ballard, we have a mixed bag of products. Some we design, some we contract the manufacturing for and some we are just partnering distributors for. We get the great experience to be in the business and test out anything and everything before ever offering it to you. Now here comes the challenging part. How do we produce it in the USA? The truth is, sometimes it’s just not possible. I think the common misconception is that utilizing China manufacturing is purely a pricing thing. I know for us that is not the case. The reality is there just isn’t the manufacturing base and depth here in the US that has interest or the capacity to build small items in any reasonable volume. And then there is the upfront design, testing, prototype phases that really take a lot of time and resources that most American manufactures want no part of. That being said, we will keep looking for more local partners in all of our manufacturing to deliver high quality products to you at a fair price.

We want to shake up the industry with kick ass products and creative marketing strategies. We will continue to answer all questions pertaining to our industry as we can. We want to share our stories with you and love the stories and feedback you give us. We are looking to do more live videos, and also looking to pull together some networking events in the near future so we can work through the struggles we all face. We can all learn from each other!

We appreciate your support and business! Check us out on our new YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook or our website.


Kory Ballard