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Was the groundhog right? I think not ...

Well group, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. We have had an odd winter and depending on where you are located it’s about GO-TIME. I can feel the excitement when I talk to many of you as you outfit your company with some great new products for this season. As I follow 4 different forums, as well as, post on here to our over 6,500 followers, something lately has really been bothering me. A lot of great questions are asked and most of them are ridiculed for their company name, “stupid” question, truck picture, dirty mower, etc. We all started somewhere and hope to build from there. I think these forums can be a great source of information, but many of us self-appointed “experts,” or maybe just guys that have been around, don’t post or respond because it’s just not worth it. It could be very valuable information, in my opinion. I can certainly be sarcastic in my answers on some posts, but this is only because I truly believe in our products and business systems. I remember the days of worrying about what everyone else was doing, what they were buying, what were their prices, etc. I encourage you to focus on your goals, your staff, your numbers, your equipment, your clients and most importantly your happiness. So take that negative energy and re-focus on getting out there and being awesome. It will rub off and your staff will shine! Most of us get the luxury of not sitting behind a desk all day so take full advantage of that! Hope you guys are well equipped for the 2017 season…. If not you know what we do. I also included a photo of our 600 square foot first shop and office over 20 years ago, which we now have built into a Top 100 firm (Perficut Site Management) with the best team on the planet!


Kory Ballard – President

“Leaders who don’t listen will be eventually surrounded by people who have nothing to say”

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