Don't Let 'em Crush YOUR Dreams!

Peers, we took this picture last week while we were shooting some videos for some of the Ballard Inc. products we offer. As I was looking at it, it made me smile, frustrated and happy all in just a few seconds! Dirty equipment… S#@t! It really got me thinking about the high school teacher who said “Kory, pay attention in class or you’ll be mowing yards your whole life”. He wasn’t the only one that made comments and jabbed at me as I worked every night and weekend while in high school (and every day after). I acted like it didn’t bother me, but it did, and I found it only fueled the fire to prove them and everyone wrong. I later realized that nobody really cared or was keeping score but me. I thought that college probably wasn’t for me and wanted to pursue my passion and control my own destiny… whatever that meant at 18 years old. I assume this path may be the same or a similar story as some of you.

As our business grew, and mistakes were made, we tried to always be optimistic. Maybe too optimistic at times! I never thought failure was an option or even possible. I can tell you there have been some bad days, weeks, months and even years along the way! With just under 200 employees, and 3 locations, I am very grateful and blessed today to be a part of it. This is a culmination of great people believing in one common goal, and the willingness to work hard to make it happen. We all have probably hit cruise control along the way, I know I have.

Today we are more focused than ever on being the best company we can be. It can be exhausting pursuing something that at times, feels unattainable! It feels good being reconnected to the daily grind again, although almost feeling more out of control the closer to the center of it all I get. And at the same time, I really try to put it all in perspective, this is just work right? We strive to offer great opportunities, treat people with respect, promote safety, all while providing a great balance of life and work for our team and their families. So, I empower you to think about where you are today, where you want to be, and what do you need to do to get there? Are you willing to do that? If not, it’s ok, but remember you are the one that ultimately controls the outcome. No whining, just grinding! Oh, and by the way, we sell some awesome gear to make your daily efforts much more efficient, protect you, protect your valuable people, protect your equipment, and make work life gooooooood! Make this your best year yet!

Kory Ballard